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Too much SEO Techno-babble and too many followers of old recipes number the ranks of “SEO experts,” or so they are called. The inept efforts being sold by web designers and “experts” are equivalent to a big rip-off. As a business owner or manager, you need to stay current and to educate yourself about how to maneuver the changing world of the internet. Without continued education and up against this huge technological maze called the internet, you leave yourself vulnerable to the modern day traveling salesperson of SEO smoke and mirrors.

You want your company web-site to attract and connect you with buyers that are genuinely interested in your company’s offerings. You want web-site exposure that translates into revenue. You want web-site driven profit and you want less aggravation.

Search Engine optimization or “SEO,” as it known by the acronym in today’s fast paced information age, is the endeavor that enables a business to advertise on the internet most effectively through the company web-site. Serpeo-SEO is your answer to getting your web-site noticed on the internet. Search Engine Optimization is the key to continuing profits from your company web-site without nagging advertising costs.

A great web-site with great Search Engine Optimization is your answer! Nowhere, as a business owner or manager, can you present the magnitude of information about your company and services than on your own company web-site. As an advertising medium, the internet has no equal when you rank high within the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) for your keywords. Once your site is up and running, your expense is very minimal and the results can be absolutely unbelievable. Once up and running properly with the proper exposure, your company web-site internet advertising is free. So, your company has a return on investment (ROI) that is unlike any other in the business world today.

“It is unfortunate that so many business owners are not privy to SEO…”

It is unfortunate that so many business owners are not privy to SEO and that they are perplexed and frustrated with their internet presence. Lack of knowledge is the reason for this problem. The dismal results of their company’s internet endeavors are an ever-present matter of angst and the elephant in the room at sales meetings where an ever more technically astute staff wonders why the company has not caught up to the times. This fact, however leaves a clear path for success for you, having the ability to capitalize on the internet and to leave your competitors behind.

You may be frustrated with your web-site performance and second guessing the viability of internet advertising. If you are questioning and wondering, do not give up! The internet is growing and Search Engines are constantly perfecting the art of delivering organic results. These desired results are the real and tangible web-sites, like yours, that offer real services for real people. Our efforts result in getting your site noticed by the Search Engines.

“Our efforts result in getting your site noticed by the Search Engines.”

Many people sit at their desks every day and use the internet on company time and then again at home they spend even more time online. They refer sites to friends and loved ones by email. Many people search for companies like yours. These are interested buyers and they are of the highest quality prospects your company could hope to engage.

Many business owners have invested with a company to produce their company web-site and get it up and running. Once up, the expectations for the site were never realized and the company web-site has become a mere auxiliary part of the company sales presentation, rather than the producer of quality leads. Some business owners, not being familiar with Search Engines, how they work, and the web-site optimization of their internet presence, will invest in Google Adwords only to be even the more frustrated with the poor quality of leads produced. The results are understandable because these ads are pushed onto publishers’ sites within the Adsense Program. To the contrary of all efforts by the Search Engine selling the ads, the link is not relative to the site where it appears. The link gets clicked and the business owner pays. When the results of the campaign show up on Google Search, many times a similar result is realized. The ROI factor on the Adwords program is sometimes disheartening for the business owner, also. Wouldn’t it be such a pleasure to have a web-site that runs on autopilot producing quality leads for your company without having to pay for the exposure?

Adsense SERP Image

Yes! It is certainly possible to have the web-site that makes your company money through the careful use of SEO techniques. Your company web-site should be looked upon by an SEO expert as soon as possible so that a plan can be devised to bring up the company exposure on the internet and begin to reap the rewards of free internet advertising. Although much of the work can be done by the novice, caution should be taken if you plan on doing this SEO work in-house. Every step of the SEO process either creates building blocks for a successful internet campaign, or it can work to limit future options and paint the company web-site into a corner. In design of your digital marketing, SEO must be considered first. If you don’t yet have a business web-site, before you even secure the URL, consult with an expert in SEO. You really can make a mess of things and hurt your future plans by moving on web-site development without first consulting with an expert in this field.

Adsense vs. SEO
Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as it is known to us in this high-tech, fast paced world of the internet, is the science of the elements surrounding the preparation and efforts geared toward recognition of a given web-site by the internet’s search engines. What is known as the SERPS or the Search Engine Results Page is the basic result of searching for a keyword and specifically the first ten listings are of primary concern to any business owner that wants results from a web-site Everyone wants their site in the top ten in the SERPS, no small feat, but it is certainly possible with the right amount of effort applied to the right SEO measures. The best part of this exposure is that it is free of charge once up and running. New Search algorithms are being put into place to ensure real companies make it to the top of the SERPS for higher quality end user experiences. Now is the time to move your web-site onto the first page of the SERPS and to get noticed!

SEO is a complex mix of endeavors that affect change upon the web-site to move it upward in the SERPS and to keep it on top. Some “experts” will do what is called “in page” Search Engine Optimization. This is design methodology geared to utilize keywords within the page for optimal search engine indexing. This is very important as the first step to building a top ranking business site.

This “in page” optimization work can only work if you have the content with which to work. If you are in charge of the company web-site, you must find the writer in your company that can produce good content. If this is your gift, great! You have a leg up on your competitor that cannot write. There is nothing like possessing the passion and the ability to write about it and then the knowledge to employ techniques that will get you ranked in the SERPS. Generating the web-site original copy for the SEO technician for keyword seeding is a very important step of the process. No one will do a better job of assembling content than a person close to the action and privy to industry specific information. Finished or “polished” site copy is not idea, but the content with which to build is imperative. No money spent can get your story written down if you lack the passion to convey your message.

We provide copywriting services if your company should be in need of a writer. We do in-depth interviews and write the SEO site copy for you. We generate professional SEO emphasized copywriting work for your web-site This is the foundation upon which all the successful building blocks will follow.

Original copy is the basic element and the most important part of your web-site and the very groundwork of SEO. Your web-site must be informative. No fancy SEO tricks should be employed as they won’t yield the results you desire. They can only hurt you over the long haul. Your focus is not only for results with the search engines, but for an interesting site your visitors will enjoy. You want to convert your visitor to a lead or sale, so content clearly and properly presented with keywords in mind and SEO techniques employed, will attract the search engines, get your site indexed and encourage your visitors to contact your company to purchase your offering. All this from Search Engine Optimization, along with the supporting elements that reinforce the SEO effort will yield success for your company’s long term internet endeavors.

There is a wealth of information available for you on this web-site Please keep in mind that while you can start an SEO endeavor on your own, or in house, you can make your SERPS worse. If you are not fully aware of orderly procedure and the whole picture relating to the Search Engines , your site’s ranking, and techniques used in the Search Engine Optimization industry, you can actually create poor SERP results for your site. Sadly, sometimes efforts by novices make the resulting negative results hard to reverse. Search Engines do react to every measure you take using these techniques outlined on this site.

We encourage you to get a professional expert’s advice because it very well may mean a significant difference in your internet successes for the present and the future.


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Robert Wewer wrote this blog a long time ago projecting where search was headed.  It took other directions so he is still out on a limb.  Find out more about Robert Wewer.

Philadelphia Roofing Company

Philadelphia Slate Roofing


Philadelphia Roofing Company  has utilized our services now for 6 years and has harnessed the ever-changing and growing internet to stay on top of the Search Engine Results Page for targeted results.  

 So very successful is the website for this Philadelphia Roofing Company that the folks at FSI Restorations have allowed us to brag about their website.  receiving a sustained 22 thousand hits per day, the company is looking to go national.  A local company has actually gone  from local to a potential nationally franchised organization. 

It is because of the 3000 page website that is carefully maintained and skillfully written that this Philadelphia Roofing Company has enjoyed its continued success.

Wow, last month Facebook drew more visitors than Google.  This is proof that social media is providing doorways that draw visitors away from the traditional search engine.   Who would have thought that this could happen?

Facebook passes Google!

Facebook Passes Google!

As I stated many times before, the threat that social media poses is real and significant.  Right now Google is chasing the social media postings like a blood-hound.  Google has cleaned up its SEPRS and dumped paying advertisers in order to become more viable and return to an organic base.

For many involved in SEO, this all seems like a threat, but only to those that tremble at the thought of producing real and relevant site copy.   We will witness the rise of good quality content as the anchor that keeps a website on top and attracts attention.  This is what it was all supposed to be about before the Black Hats took over for a while.  Now, real content even trumps Page Rank.

My prediction has been that Page Rank will diminish as it was built upon self serving spam, in large part.  Back-links will change in viability or change in value as they will be rated themselves, instead of being counted.  The machines that index the web cannot be counted upon to place tangible value on a link.  Real end users will take over and rate websites and the use of Social Media is a must for any business that wants attention on the internet.

-Bob W

Let’s stop for a moment and look at the real rift that builds in the misunderstanding of website design as it relates to SEO. For the technologically astute, please humor us for a few moments. For the business owner that has hired on, or engaged the services of multiple “website designers” solely for the purpose of attaining better placement or “rank” in the search engine page results, this posting is for you.

It may seem like all the verbiage, even on this website, is too confusing to understand as far as what this gray area, this fuzzy thing called SEO is all about. We have tried really hard to keep the techno-speak down to a minimum on this website for your benefit. We want you to understand so that you don’t spin your wheels.

We do not want you to hook up with another website design firm so that just maybe they have the right stuff to get your site to the top of the search engine page results and that maybe your potential clients can find you and will contact your company for your services. A website design firm is not an SEO firm, necessarily. The two endeavors are related and a company that does one can certainly do the other, but for all the hours of design and painstaking work that goes into a quality website, provisions for SEO need to be in place every step of the way. This is all too often not the case, as if the optimizing part can be done later.

It can be done later but there is always re-hashing of old content, internal structure and pages so it is really better if the whole project can be done at once. Usually, a company specializes in one discipline or the other or if a company is large enough, separate departments can be employed for the desired results.

SEO, short for “search engine optimization” is a separate type of specialty and a certain focus upon current trends in the internet and search engine placement must be in place because of the waves of changes we see daily in the search engine technology. Today, the best method for staging a website roll-out is to have the SEO professional follow the very astute designer in the process of working a website to its fullest potential for search engine placement. The SEO specialist needs to take an SEO optimized website and begin to tweak it and work in the associated back-linking strategies and check for internal linking, etc. Most website designers are familiar with much of the basics and will provide optimized work for the SEO specialist.

Today’s climate requires copywriters to be employed by the SEO practitioner for the full implementation of an SEO campaign. Leveraging content is now a vital part of getting your website to the top in the search engine results pages (SERPS) and a few carefully crafted pages will no longer do for permanent ranking strategies. We have competition in the SEO field and your competitors will be working to overtake your website and push you down to the second page of the SERPS.

A good design form will have an SEO specialist and sometimes you will find a specialist that can deliver on both elements. One without the other is a waste anyway you look at it. If you have a good and functioning website but have been passed by in search engine ranking, an SEO professional is who you need to call. Another website redesign will not work in and of itself. If you want to start over, remember that site structure being changed may hurt you in the loss of the exposure that you already have. If you have had an amateur working old linking schemes, stop right now and contact a professional to take inventory of your current situation. You website could be ruined for the search engines for some time to come and undoing amateur work that is very hard to track down all over the internet can be a disaster and starting over may be a hard choice to that has to be made. Before you redesign however, allow an SEO specialist to take a look and to analyze your particular situation.

A website that cannot be found is no good to anyone. Usually, turning around an existing website and keeping the good elements in place can achieve more than you could imagine. You don’t change your engine in your car if it only needs a tune-up.

We are seeing web designers that are selling complete rebuilds that do not produce any more sales leads than the old website they replaced. We are seeing this quite often. Let us take a look free of charge and offer you what you need, rather than opting for duplication of work already done. Yes, we may have to fix some things, but does not that make more sense than spending money on what you don’t need?

-Bob W

April 2, 2010

Social Media is taking off among the youth but also within all communities as the popularity of these sites increases. People frequent these new doorways to the internet. As they share their interests and day-to-day happenings with each other, people are flocking to these sites. One can communicate with hundreds or even thousands of friends in a few keystrokes.

Never has the world seen such a network that literally has the power to engage the human spirit so effectively. We may see entire governments overthrown by these sites one day. When it comes to likes and dislikes, everyone is not the of same vein and debate is natural. Entire communities of folks interested in topics that range the gamut, daily communicate on the internet to share information and links to interesting sites.

The power of this raw force of networking has been seen in the city of Philadelphia of late, as in other parts of the country. So called, “Flash Mobs,” are appearing and causing disruption, damage and problems across the city of Philadelphia. Youth that are looking for action and are able to communicate by way of their hand-held devices on the networking sites and gather in mass to disrupt a given area of the city at will.

This is about the power of these sites and that people can communicate with each other in real time. It is no mystery that the sites more fluid in nature like Facebook and Twitter are more poplar to people looking to engage. How can a business harness the power of these sites to increase sales?

These sites like Facebook and Twitter use a global “nofollow” attribute in their “robots.txt” and generally links are considered dead to the machines that crawl the web. My opinion is that they are picked up and crawled anyway by big search. There is some debate about this. The links on many of these fluid sites that use the global “nofollow” designation do not, however get indexed in the search engines. Some sites linked to these sites are indexed by search engines. Take “Digg,” for instance and sites like it that allow spider crawling. These are prime real estate for well written articles and links to interesting sites. Again content reigns supreme and the same link bait ideas are attractive to the social networking folks that share an interest in your good or service.

As stated before, big search will continue to harness the happenings on these social sites so that the search engines remain valid in the internet experience. The power being wielded by these sites has unleashed an attraction to them by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Although the chaff that is known as spam is always going to be prevalent, the social sites are working hard to prevent it and the human element is heavily employed to cancel out the spam artisans. Take “Slashdot” for an example as it marks articles as spam until they are voted upwards by readers to raise them to a page of higher ranking.

So, we must ask if the social sites are helping the quality of big search or are they becoming entities all their own and threatening big search. I think the latter, but as long as people need a place to search for items on the internet, the search engine will remain viable. Google and Yahoo and Bing may be reduced in their ability to garner revenue from pay-per-click listings as copywriting will take on a role that will empower businesses to convey their messages in other ways. One thing is for sure and that is that the old linking schemes are dying a slow death right before our eyes. Another is that quality in site copy will rise to a level of significance never seen before.

Some see today’s search results as tumultuous and uncertain. New sites can break out of the sandbox or completely avoid it altogether and be listed with the big boys without the site age and backlinks. Page rank is being beaten out by content siloed websites with great internal link structure.

For some it is like a wave that the surfer waits for to ride only to be dumped into the sea. For the many that do everything right and then get slammed in the SERPS, there is a reason. These machines that index the web are running on particular algorithms and even though the SERPS may seem like a result of random placement, they are not like 52 card pick-up at all.

The recent trend of big search has been commented upon often on this website. It seems that all that we knew is in a continuous shake-up, but this is not the case because the big search players are moving to perfect the art of delivering truly organic results. Currently great content and internal linking strategy is being rewarded and old spammy schemes are being penalized.

On one hand you have rewards for good and on the other you have penalties for being linked to a site that has bad marks against it. New site owners that have true professionals working the SEO of their sites are enjoying fantastic results. Some websites however, are experiencing penalties by association. Even with established, aged sites we are seeing them being dumped off the first page and sometimes even far lower.

What is it? What is going on is just what I predicted in big search’s strive for organic results. Backlinks, whether contained in news articles, press releases, or raw incoming links need to be checked. Right now, a new link with anchor text placed on a penalized website will tank your site on any search for that keyword or keyword phrase in the given anchor text. New potential links have to be checked and a page rank check is hardly enough.

It seems page rank is an item that is setting idle for now and while it is a factor in the SERP placement, its value is stagnant. A page with high page rank can be penalized to death and you would never know it. Google and Yahoo are very similar in their algo’s regarding the penalty placement in the SERPS. The bar graphs on tracking software shows parallel movement in these two search engines. Bing is another story and we are still trying to figure them out as they seem more stable but a bit also harder to see movement.

So folks, it is your links! If you track your backlinks, you can begin to undo some damage. Visit the site and try out their service. You will be surprised at the sites that are penalized heavily for spam and related tactics that have been allowed on the sites. Focus on Anchor Text both within and outside your site. Remember: If it is too easy to develop a link = RED FLAG. As always, develop quality content and keep it fresh. Use the social networks to prop up your links and pages.

Have fun because without challenge there can be no great achievement. Ride the waves and stay on top with a successful strategy.

I am making this a short post because it is late. I found a great tool the allows webmasters to check for penalties against websites. This is a fantastic tool because if you go by Page rank alone, you will find that your hard work with press releases and backlinks could be digging you in a hole.

Check all sites before linking or you will tank your site! Some site are heavily penalized by Google and Yahoo in particular and you will tank your own ranking if you link up with them. I found this site because I was looking for where I caused my own demise when I was sinking in the SERPS. I was able to undo the damage, thankfully.

Check this out: “” Here is a screen-shot:

Check out the site first!

Make sure you run the check before you link!

-Bob W

Business Owners Are You Serious About Your Website?

You better be serious about your website! If you found this website by way of search engine, you should know that “SEO” and “Website Design” are the most vied for keywords in the world. The competition is fierce! If you have entertained engaging the services of a professional, you should read this article. An SEO company that uses paid advertising to get listed on the front page of the search engine result pages (SERPS) should be a dead give away that if you use one of these firms, you’ll be paying for clicks too. If you found Serpeo-SEO today by way of a search or by the many avenues we use to get ourselves noticed, you should be reading our commentary and learning more about SEO (search engine optimization).

Never before has the internet been more crowded and never before has the competition been so formidable. There are sound reasons however, to believe now more than ever before, that your website can be number one in the SERPS. That sounds absurd to the untrained business person and you may have given up on the internet. You may be paying for clicks or banner ads. You may have been ripped off by purveyors of internet hype.

I am here to tell you, as a fellow business owner with multiple websites that it is highly probable that if you use my services, you will succeed in multiplying your business and lowering your advertising expenditures. What if I told you that I started on the very first day of 2004 with a website launch that I had worked on for about a month designing and working and had it to number one in the SERPS in two weeks? What if I told you that at this time in ’04 that the expectation was for a six month sandbox interim before being listed? Now for the good stuff: My business took off like a rocket and doubled every year for three years. Now for the unbelievable part: Free internet search engine exposure was my only advertising! I never paid a dime to advertise my business! Wait, my website cost me $7.50 a month to run and that business generated 2 million dollars a year in gross annual revenue. I did work very hard on my website, but only about a day a month did I spend on it.

My websites are all on top of the SERPS and nobody can figure out why I stay on top. My first website launch in ’04 was averaging 17,000 hits a day by March of that year. Now it receives about 20,000 hit a day. The best part is that I actually use my competitors advertising to grow my business. All this on a targeted niche market regional website seems impossible. What is my secret?

I don’t just claim to be the very best at what I do; I am the very best at what I do! I write and I write and I write. I can rip out an article in minutes. I write passionately about my work. Then I use that content in various ways, leveraging it to gain exposure and to get listed in the SERPS. The business growth is just a reward for the hard marketing work that I do.

No silly tricks work for very long on the internet. A high school kid can design your website, but it takes a professional to launch a website into the stratosphere! In the current state of the internet search market, as I have written extensively on this website, the dirty tricks of yesterday are dead. The SEO schemes are being punished by loss in positioning. The smoke and mirrors of yesterday are fading away. The tricksters are scrambling. This is no secret. Many are panicking simply because they lack the skills to perform high quality SEO. Some even want to rename SEO to something else. Some SEO’s are so angry that it is impossible to carry on a normal conversation with them. I have written about this fact extensively on this website.

Some ask me why I use WordPress. The simple answer is that it works. So many tools are here and in place that it enables me to focus on the subject matter at hand. I could certainly develop a nicer site with more interaction and incorporate my extensive website design experience into a more intricate website, but for this endeavor, I chose to employ this platform for my SEO advertising. SEO is the most natural form of business exposure you will ever find.

You can make a decision today to make your company an internet powerhouse within your industry. You can make a decision today to make it happen. It is not rocket science. Since the internet garbage is going away, you have the opportunity to grab your piece of cyber real estate that will always grow in value.

The cost is very reasonable and with what you learn, you can run your site on your own in a few months for peanuts. So get serious and contact me and we can chat about your company and how I can help you.

-Bob W

SEO – Philadelphia, Pa. Business Advertising in a Tough Market

If you are like a lot of folks, you feel the pinch of tough economic times. You ride down the road and see the business closings. The trend is evident in the restaurant industry where dispensable income is lacking and purveyors of fine dining are falling by the wayside. Your own competitors are closing up shop and your business is hanging on by a thread. What do you do? First you have done what all businesses are doing. You cut inventory to a just-in -time model. You cut back on your paid help. You actually are looking at advertising as a place to cut back on expenses, but you need it now more than ever.

You need exposure because guess what? People still need your services. If your company can remain standing, it will capture a large market share upon an upturn in the economy. Because others in your industry have gone belly-up, if your business remains standing, it will surge into profitability when things turn around. So, which advertising avenue will you take to sustain your business? The answer will be governed by your business model and your common sense.

Let’s explore a few advertising models:


Regional companies that service a given area will endeavor to reach potential clients through newspapers. Generally, a hook is employed like an offer or discount to get the immediate results needed to sustain business. Newspapers are temporary and they are expensive. They cater to a specific type of consumer, the shopper that wants a good deal. This type of advertising is like a band-aide that diminishes quickly in results.

Television and Radio Spots

Very effective in developing a brand in a given industry, these very expensive ads deliver a message to a given demographic, the listening audience of a given program. They work, but the cost of the ads has to be transferred to the cost of your good or service. Once you have pulled the trigger on this type of advertising, your sales price is set on the high end of the market. You have to be ready with the appropriate sales and production staff to close the deals and deliver the goods or services. Volume businesses that are set-up to cash in on the big advertising expenditures are the only ones that will benefit from this type of advertising. A roughly 10% close ratio is expected from all the churning of efforts in this model, in most cases.

Direct Mailers

These are affordable, but again like the newspapers a hook that offers a discount or a bait and switch type of ad is the most effective. Close ratios may be in the same numbers as with other media types, 10% to 20% is often expected. If your price is low enough, you can realize a better return on investment as far as gross numbers. When your mailer is done and you have exhausted yourself and your people, the net numbers may be disheartening.

Trade and Social Magazines

If your business is geared to a specific trade, not is a time that very low numbers will be realized because of the economy. Manufacturing and business services benefit mostly from communicating with the trades. Brand recognition is best in these outlets.


Businesses that put up a sign and letter their vehicles derive a continuing benefit from signage. “A business with no sign is a sign of no business.” Immediate results will be sporadic but the residual effects are sound.

Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages have long been a staple of modern business advertising. It has long been realized that the Yellow Pages produces a certain type of client. When the fingers-do-the-walking, they are in seek of a better deal. Putting your business in a pool of like businesses that lack ingenuity and sell price will not propel your business anywhere but into mediocrity. Many of the Yellow Page companies are now realizing that they can no longer produce hard copies of their books. Where are the Yellow Pages going” They are going to the internet.

Internet Lead Sources

These establishments are set up and capitalizing on the internet. They are having a hard time keeping up with regional search elements of search. People want to buy regionally so if your good or service won’t fit in a shipping box, you better get with regional search on the internet and compete and beat these middle man operations. The cost is another factor to consider with this type of advertising. You are basically farming out your internet exposure and allowing yourself to be dumped into mediocrity like those businesses lacking vision.


The various outlets for pay-per-click advertising are diminishing in the results. This goes with the doorways that are growing in Social Media. People are frequenting the 500+ Social Sites and actually getting more information on these sites every day. The days when a majority of people went to their favorite search engine to find something are coming to a close. Expect big search to answer the call because it is in the best interest to better the organic results. Pay-per-click advertising on the major search engines will be diminishing in returns as the Social Media sites evolve and become more subject oriented. Competition will cause every outlet to become more stream lined and big search is shaking in its boots. Your business website will not realize any benefit in the organic SERPS from these efforts. Pay-per-click advertising is a stop gap measure toward immediate results. You be the judge of the effectiveness of these ads.

Business Website with SEO

A business website is much like a business sign, but it is much more in-depth than with the limitations of a sign board. Placement of your sign is important. As stated:

“A notable web-site albeit lacking SEO,

Akin to a vibrant sign-board placed in the middle of a forest,

Never will see traffic and is destined to rot away in insignificance.”

More can be achieved from a website than in all of the above forms of advertising. A business can capitalize on the advertising efforts of its competitors. Think for a moment. Your competitor chooses to spend the big bucks and you shovel in the sales!

Possibly your business is tanking online in the SERPS (search engine results pages). Maybe you have a good looking website. A high-school kid can design you a good web-site. In the implementation of professional SEO is where the cream begins to rise to the top. Your business website can attract the right kind of buyer, the value buyer. People that have been exposed to the hard sale performed by the fake urgency building, big marketing companies are averse to bologna. These folks know what they want and your company can be positioned to make the sale. The sale will be more profitable than the big advertised product or service. You can realize a much better ROI (return on investment) than your high rolling competitors.

The key is in the delivery of the company message. Free industry information that exceeds all of your competitors will sell. I know because I have done it. It works.

Your web-site will be lost in the forest if you have the mindset of your competitors and try the old ways of link-building. The problem is that it may be hard to get your site out of the forest if you continue down the old roads that used to work. The internet is much larger than ever before but there has never been more opportunity! The rise of social media, along with the elimination of Black Hat tactics, means that only quality will prevail in the future. If you have quality content, your site will remain on top in the SERPS and be frequented by many unique visitors daily. Your company will grow with only profitable business! A web-site is cheap to run as you probably realize. Never think however that results equal expenditures made! Effort equals results on the internet. Once your site is optimized for Social Media, you can take the reins, in house and carefully navigate through the web and remain on top.

ROI is the key to successful advertising. The future is the internet and your business needs to get listed in the SERPS on page one. Page one will afford your business a steady stream of quality business. Real-time advertising and an ability to change message and not become married to it are two great reasons to consider getting noticed online.

Get Noticed!

-Bob W

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